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Your best friend deserves the best dog sitting experience.

About Happy Hounds

Happy Hounds is a dog sitting service focused on being a more convenient, personable, and customizable experience, that is also healthier for the dog, because I will be performing the service at the customers house.


Happy Hounds

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Base Sits

A base sit includes two 30 minute visits per day.  Each visit includes taking the dog outside to use the restroom, taking them on a walk, and playing with the dog for any extra time.  The order, or time spent on each action is fully customizable, and up to the customer.

2 sits: $22

Additional Sits

For people that need more than the base sits, we offer additional 30 minute visits for $7 each.

In order to get additional sits you, must purchase base sits first.

1 sit: $7


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Dog Sitters better than a Kennel?

   Upon research from the American Kennel Club, when a dog is taken to a kennel, their anxiety level reaches an unhealthy level, and dog sitting provided at the customers house has proved to keep anxiety levels lower, and be healthier for the dog.

2. How long will the dogs be on a walk?

   At Happy Hounds, each visit is 30 minutes long. However, we realize that you may have special needs, so how that time is spent is up to you. For example, you could decide you want the walk to be 20 minutes long, or decide to have no walk at all, or that you want your dog played with for 20 minutes instead of 10.  At Happy Hounds we are all about being flexible and cooperating based on customer requests.

3. When do I pay?

   Payment for base sits is required before service is performed, and payment for the additional sits is due either before the service, or after the sit has been performed, its just left up to the customer. We accept cash, checks, and PayPal.



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